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Emily Adams

Owner of K9 Boot Camp

Allan was more than helpful and continues to help me with my comapnies needs. He's very diligent and reliable and I enjoy working with this company because they meet all my business needs and they are trustworthy.

WL Madden helped develop my web presence and taught me how important reputation mangement really is.  With their easy to use dashboard I can send my clients emails that allow them to leave reviews on Yelp and Google straight from their emails.  It has changed my whole image online and my website now ranks on the first page of google!! I would strongly recommend WL Madden to anyone looking for some helpful intenet marketing tips!! Thank You AMF!!


WL Madden helped my business get the funding it needed to get my business to the next level.  While I was waiting on the money to come Allan started telling me about the other services the compnay offered and I realized that these were the exact services I needed to get my company's name out there. I now use WL Madden for my SEO and my reputation management.  They were also able to lower my credit card processing rate and save me over $120 per month.  I will never forget my experience with WL Madden and would recommend them to any new business owner that needs help with thier internet presence.

Scott. T

Zachariah E.

Vape Shop

I wanted to personally thank Allan and his team for helping me create my online reputation.  I've never been treated so well by a company since I opened my business.  Every other company that calls me tells me that they are going to get me on the first page of google but never actually get it done.  Now that I have the dashboard from WL Madden I can manage my own keywords and find out what is working in my zip code.  Allan is so passionate about his company and his employees have nothing but good things to say about him.  I will tell every business owner I know about WL Madden.